Saturday, September 10, 2016

Towers of Earth Coming Soon

It is a pleasure to announce that Double Dragon Publishing has picked up my science fiction teen adventure novel, Towers of Earth, for its 2017 catalog. This is one a lot of you have been waiting for. Double Dragon is a wonderful small press publisher with an outstanding list of eBooks and paperbacks. Towers of Earth is slated for both an eBook and paperback release, the eBook to precede the paperback release by a few weeks.
Double Dragon is based in Canada. Its sales are good, as are most of its book covers. And it is highly regarded by many established and well-known authors, including Piers Anthony (a prolific writer probably best known for his excellentXanth series) whose review of internet publishers, “Internet Publishing from the Desk of Piers Anthony,” describes the press in admirable terms.
Towers of Earth by J. C. Conway Official book cover pending (This is a mock up I prepared as a placeholder)
At the brink of an impending dark age, 15-year-old Allison Taylor escapes Earth on a colony ship to the stars. 
But a catastrophic quark drive failure forces a desperate, near-light-speed return a millennium into Earth’s future. 
Allison is surprised to find humanity in a “New Renaissance” and to see the Great Geostationary Towers her father engineered still stretching majestically from ground to high orbit, now housing Earth’s billions.
When Allison learns the “New Renaissance” is a mere fa├žade, she struggles against crushing odds to reunite with her fellow colonists. Finally gaining the opportunity to flee again, she realizes her special knowledge of the Towers may empower her to break the Tower Administrators’ tyranny—but at the cost of her means of escape. Allison is torn. Will fulfilling her father’s dream be worth abandoning her chance to finally reach the stars?
More information will follow. In the meantime, I thank all of the wonderful beta readers and fellow writers that dedicated their time and shared their reactions, as well as terrific freelance editor, Felicia A. Sullivan.
Double Dragon Publishing started in 2000 as an eBook publisher and has grown to a powerhouse small press with more than 1400 titles with a world-wide network dedicated to the uncompromising quest for quality and “plain old fashion customer service.” Its authors include Authors include Jedaiah Ramnarine, Gail Z. MartinJ.M. FreyDanny BirtGeoff NelderSimon DrakeDan DeBonoTony TeoraE. Rose SabinDavid Conway,Steve Lazarowitz, Michael A. Ventrella, Ben Manning, Margret A. Treiber, and the lateNick Pollotta. In addition to Double Dragon eBooks, its flagship imprint focusing primarily on science fiction, fantasy and horror (with a present emphasis on science fiction).