Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Romance Excerpt: "Fog Light"

"Fog Light" is a sweet campus romance story published by Romance Flash. Shelly's busy social life almost derailed her shot at the Master's program. Now she is finally focusing on her studies and she does not need another boyfriend. Kevin, a grad student, has offered to walk her home from the library in the fog.

“I guess I’ll be going now,” said Kevin.
Shelly tightened her lips and drew a breath. She watched Kevin's Adam’s apple move up and down. Was he hesitating? It seemed so. And he looked nervous. There was something irresistible about that innocent look of uncertainty.
Shelly blinked. Say “okay” and “good night,” she told herself. This was her chance to dismiss him; to get on with her work and escape complications. It was the right thing to do—the necessary thing. But she wanted him to keep looking at her, for just a little while. Not too much. She felt her head tilt and heard the words, "So soon?" escape.
Her gut flinched. Was she listening to herself at all?

Will Shelly keep her priorities straight? Can academics and romance co-exist? The entire story can be found at Romance Flash.

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