Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hugo Eligible Short Stories

2012 Worldcon Chairs Photo Shoot
2012 Worldcon Chairs Photo Shoot (Photo credit: KevinStandlee)
It is Hugo Award nomination time again–this time for the best work in Science Fiction and Fantasy for the year 2013. The Hugo Awards are presented by the World Science Fiction Society, which is comprised of writers and fans and also hosts the World Science Fiction Convention every year. To be a member of the World Science Fiction Society, a person need only purchase membership in the World Science Fiction Convention for a given year. This year’s convention will be Loncon 3 in London, England. There are different levels of membership, some cheaper and which do not involve physical presence at the convention. I, for example, have been a Supporting Member for both of the past two, which grants full Hugo Award voting rights.
WSFS members are permitted to nominate more than one piece per category. I encourage you to nominate as many 2013 short stories as you believe deserve the honor. Last year there was a shortage of short stories nominated, and so there were fewer from which to select for the final ballots.
Two of my short stories in 2013 worth considering are "Worlds Less Traveled" and "Life, Death and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities." The former was published July 12, 2013 by Perihelion Science Fiction (and is now readable at my site), and the latter was published April 7, 2013 by The Lorelei Signal, and then later in 2013 in Mystic Signals.
Regardless of whether you nominate either, please consider reviewing the 2013 short stories available and participating in the process.
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