Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Flash of Insight, Battlespace Excerpt

An excerpt from my story, A Flash of Insight, in the Battlespace Anthology:
“This is incredible, sir,” said Max, on his right wing. “Not a single scout or decoy in sight. If they’re out here, they’re just sitting ducks.”
Jason laughed, and then resumed a more serious command posture. “Focus now. I want no rough edges. When you see it—engage.”
He should have known. They’re overconfident, he thought. But all he did was make a mental note to discuss with them—later—the risks of overconfidence.
This mission would be an easy hit. They would be in and out. No problem.
He flipped the safety guard from the firing mechanism, settled his gaze on the sensor screen, and waited—his thumb hovering steadily over the familiar red button.
That moment was the end of the glory days. Between the appearance of a blip on his sensor screen and the time his practiced thumb could drop—and less than halfway through his unnecessary, but traditional command of “Fire!“—his vessel, and every other vessel in his wing, was torn asunder by precise and entirely unexpected beams of plasma that struck faster than the reaction time of the best human fighters in the fleet.
Jason, but only Jason, survived that failure. He floated for days alone in his lifesuit. During that time, he stared at the stars and despaired. He felt grief and remorse. He fought anger and futility. But most of all, as his oxygen supply dwindled in the void, he faced the inescapable knowledge that he had suddenly become utterly and irretrievably obsolete, and one thought echoed through his groggy mind. I’m going to need a new job.
About Battlespace
Battlespace is a collection of science fiction short stories and flash fiction pieces from authors around the globe. Volume 1 has a focus on the military, past, present and future. Conceived and produced by Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael J. Wistock, Battlespace serves to raise money for wounded soldiers via the Warrior Cry Music Project. The book went on sale in July 2012 and has raised better than $1,000 for the Project. It is available on Amazon and at other sites and stores. For more, visit the web site,

About Warrior Cry Music Project

Warrior Cry is a group of volunteers who work with wounded veterans across the country, providing musical instruments and instruction, working closely with therapists to create a positive educational and therapeutic program. Music is a great form of physical and mental therapy. Warrior Cry gives wounded soldiers something positive to work toward and helps to get their minds off of their injuries. Music also helps get our wounded soldiers out of their shell and regain an interest in socializing with others. Warrior Cry works with other groups and non-profits to help better the lives of veterans that were wounded in battle. The foundation’s website is

About the Science Fiction Show

The Science Fiction Show (“SFS”) is an entertaining, professionally produced hour of audio entertainment about a broad spectrum of things in pop culture, science fiction, science, and so much more. SFS reaches audiences with great content and sharp wit. With better than 11,000 downloads, 50+ hours of programming, and 1,000 followers since May 2011, SFS is a fast-rising vehicle that appeals to broad demographics, reaching listeners through iTunes. Past interview subjects include comic book artists Steve Rude, Chris Trevis and Christian Waggoner; writers Mike Baron, Adam Slade and Eric Trautmann; author Paul Sammon; and Hollywood special effects artist Shannon John Shea. The show’s website is

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