Thursday, September 27, 2012

Excerpt from "Gentle Push" at Mindflights

This is an excerpt from "Gentle Push," my science fiction story published in the September release of Mindflights:

I encountered the leading edge of retreating human vessels 20 light hours from Delta Pavonis—a steady column bound for Earth, where they believed we could protect them. My mission would determine if that faith was justified, and if so, for how long. 
As I skirted the system's rocky halo, I spotted the small starship drifting quietly in the mid-outer dust cloud—a tug with strong field generators fore and aft. It was not preparing to flee. I looked closer. Its artificial environment was intact. Its engines were functional. It had a single human occupant, alive and well as far as I could tell. 
I hailed it. “Do you require assistance?” 
It responded abruptly: “Leave me alone.”

Mindflights, is a magazine of fantasy and science fiction that is the result of the merger of two award-winning magazines: Dragons, Knights, & Angels and The Sword Review. It strives to provide quality speculative fiction and poetry that respects traditional values.

For all of my available published stories, click here.

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